To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Mountain View is an independent Mennonite congregation located in Augusta County, Virginia, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  Only minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the church can be seen in this photo taken near the Raven’s Roost Overlook.

The original Mountain View sanctuary was built in 1900, the result of the interest of several Mennonite farmers who rented pasture from Scotch-Irish farmers in the mountains.  With no church nearby, these contacts opened the door to a Mennonite church in the mountains of Sherando, VA.  Members of Springdale Mennonite Church accepted the call to begin and construct the church.  Dedication Day for the new church was held on December 23, 1900.  In January 1950, a new church replaced the old on the same site.  Since this time, the structure has been expanded twice to add a new sanctuary, which was dedicated April 18, 1971, followed by a fellowship hall in 1987.

In 1975, Rev. Roy Kiser documented the history of Mountian View in his book, Mission In The Mountain.  Rev. Kiser wrote in the Introduction that “Few churches can boast a more beautiful setting than that enjoyed by Mountain View Mennonite Church, located near the southermost tip of Augusta County, Virginia.  A tributary of the South River which flows into the Shenandoah, Back Creek, flows nearby and the Blue Ridge Mountains rise rather abruptly to the south and also directly behind the church.  Here in this glen, the fire of the Lord has fallen on many occasions, and He has done a great spiritual work among the people who have allowed their lives to be touched by it.”

Today, Mountain View strives to continue in the spirit of the original founders with members and attenders from from all walks of life – learning, worshiping, and working together for the glory of God.  Click here for our Statement of Faith.  Come join us to increase your own.

Rev. Roy D. Kiser’s book, Mission In The Mountain, 1975, is available in the church library.  Rev. Kiser was pastor of Mountain View from 1964 to 1981.  He passed away in 1989 following a battle with cancer.